prime plus
Kootenay wagyu beef

​The unique taste and tenderness of highly marbled kootenay wagyu beef makes for an unrivaled eating experience.  

The beef is flavourful, buttery and unbelievably tender.   

aaa or higher
angus beef

​We raise tender, juicy and flavourful beef from this classic North American breed.


lean & flavorful

Bison meats' unique flavour is sweet and rich in taste and also naturally low in fat, calories and cholesterol.  As one of the only places in the Kootenays to raise this traditional source of protein, this is truly a unique product.

family values



J2 Ranch is family owned, located in the heart of the Kootenays, with an absolute passion for our livestock.


We are committed to providing the best quality meats, ethically and naturally by maintaining a low stress environment for our animals.  ​


Cattle graze on pasture, Winter on hay and are finished with hand fed grain added to their diet. 


We don't use hormones or any chemical additives in our feed.


Call and speak with our Ranch manager.

There's no middle man or big warehouse to deal with,

you get straight to the meat of the matter, literally.


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