J2 Ranch

traceability and accountability from pasture to your plate

At J2 RANCH we're pretty darn proud of what we do and it shows.  

You'll taste the difference that care makes when you try our juicy Wagyu steaks or prime cut Bison ribs.  We take pride in our cattle, in how we care for them and in our commitment to great customer service.

Meet Richard, our Ranch Manager

Richard is pretty hands on and knows just about anything there is to know on the Ranch.  You may not want all the information that Richard will eagerly share, but you can be sure he can answer any questions that come up and you'll know you're getting the best possible product to take home.

Meet Susan, the  Ranch Owner

As a vegetarian owner of a cattle ranch, Susan brings a lot of accountability to the table and takes pride in what they do and the ethical standards that are the backbone of their business.